Friday, 9 July 2010


I read an article at the start of the year about Rampaging Short Stack Cash Strategy, the basic idea is that even with a small bankroll of say $100 you could play in games which would be more suited to bigger bankrolls and move up limits. I thought this seemed a good idea so this is what i'm doing.

I first buy-in to a 2c/4c game with $2, the maximum buy-in is $4 so im basically half stacked, i play TAG, I basically want to get to $5 and then leave the table as $5 is half stacked for the next level at 5c/10c. I then buy-in to the next level and I want to get upto $10 before I leave to move to the next level at 10c/20c, so far ive only actually risk $2 to get upto that level and it only equates to about 2% of my bankroll so its within good bankroll management, my goal is to get to the 25c/50c level where I think is possibly to play a good game and make a few $'s.

We dont have to leave any level as soon as we hit our target if we think the game is still profitable i.e. don't leave 5c/10c once you have $10 if you are playing well and cards are being good to you, after all the ultimate goal is to make money no matter what level, we are just trying to limit the amount that could be lost.

So far its going well, not always straight forward but am in profit and have rakeback aswell so that adds to the profit, i'm gonna stick with this approach for a couple of months and hopefully build a decent bankroll.

OK something I should say is that I know short stackers are basically dispised/hated but im not buying in for the minimum, im buying in half stacked so its slightly different and im comfortable with it.

gl all


Friday, 4 June 2010

Really need to update more...

So long since a last update not sure what to write, in a previous post I said I had won a WhiteLabel rakeback freeroll on betfair for $500, well a month later I won it again for another $500 so that was nice, and this month im going for the three-pete.

Been spending most of my time playing cash games on Betfair, its safe to say thats my home site and I seem to do ok on it. Got money on Fulltilt and VC Poker but havent played much on either so nothing interesting to say really.

WSOP 2010 has started and Praz Bansi won event 5, whoop whoop hopefully one of many for the brits.

World Cup 2010 starts in a week, not sure how much poker I will be playing when its on as most of the time i'll be watching the games and completely drunk, lets hope I dont decide to play drunk poker or blackjack and wipe out my bankroll.

see ya.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

More SCOOP Promotion

A little update to fullfill the blogger SCOOP promotion, I have to link to 2 videos which you will find below, take a look they are good :

Click here > How to Play 8 Game Mix

Click Here > How to Play Badugi

Badugi looks like an interesting game and I think pokerstars is the only online poker site that offers it so i'll be looking into playing alittle.


Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Long time no update

Well haven't updated in nearly a month so thought i'd better just before things get more busy. I have played alittle poker with some resonable results, i managed to cash in a few tournaments in the last couple weeks and have entered the sortable rankings for my county on, im sitting in 10th but its a start and hopefully will move up in the next couple of months.

I played a freeroll on betfair which was put on by whitelabel rackback, it was a $1000 tournament and I think they expected a better turn out but luckily for me there were only 12 players, it was essentially a sit'n'go and I like to think thats my better game, well 3 places paid 3rd got $200, 2nd got $300 and 1st got $500. It was fairly uneventfull until the last 4 players and i thought i was gonna bubble when my JJ lost A5off when he binked an A on the river, i was under 8 BB's but i kept my cool and ended up winning it for a nice $500 bankroll booster.

Gonna start mass-multitabling sng's from now on so its gonna be fun, also got mini-ECOOP and SCOOP on the way so it may be a great few month's.


Wednesday, 24 March 2010

SCOOP is on its way!

The Spring Championship Of Online Poker (SCOOP) starts on May 2nd, it is one of the biggest series of tournaments anywhere on the internet and can be found on, it has a combined guaranteed prize pool of 45 million dollars.

To see the schedule visit the SCOOP Poker Tournament website and you can find the pokerstar in you.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Whats been happening?

First off i've finally moved, been in the new place a week, I have no carpets and no chest of draws, stuff is in bags and just put where ever it can go, my computer is setup on a decorators pasting table, despite all that it is great to be in a place of my own and it is deffinately all good.

Haven't played much poker recently with all the moving and stuff but have dabbled with not much success, i'm going to start grinding hard in the next few days (gotta pay for carpets and stuff lol) so hopefully some decent results will come.


Monday, 1 March 2010

Monday Update

It's Monday 1st March 2010 and i'm confident this is going to be a great month, I finished the UK & Ireland League division 2 in 49th place, it pays me $7.50, this was largely due to the fact I won the tournament on the Friday 26th and that win was good for 20 points that shot me into the top 100. I'm confident I can place higher this month.

Got an e-mail from rakebackpro's saying I now have RB on Full Tilt Poker, also got a e-mail with a bonus so it looks like I will be playing alittle on FTP from now on.

Situation is about the same on BlueSQ and AP althou i'm gonna concentrate most of my play in sit'n'go's during the week and then some tournaments on Sundays (saturdays are day off from poker).

Bankroll :

Pokerstars = $9.37 ($7.50 to be added by PS)
BlueSQ = £0.79 (depositing $24 tomorrow, 100 buy-ins for the 20c+4c 9 mans)
Absolute Poker = $9.50 (lost some playing BJ, DOH!)
Betfair = £22.50 (deposited £12.50 from my paypal account)

Thats it for now.